While the band played anywhere from 2 to 4 nights a week from late 1979 to 1984 these dates are currently the only ones where records have been located. Last updated 27th December 2012

Gig Listing (and very much incomplete) For corrections or additional dates, etc contact Michael

Also Appearing
Dec Thu 28th Riverwood Hotel Midnight Oil
Feb Fri 16th Wiley Park Hotel  
  Sat 23rd Marconi Club Rose Tattoo
Mar Sat 3rd Riverstone RSL  
  Fri 16th Wiley Park Hotel  
  Sat 17th White Horse Hotel Hurstville  
  Fri 23rd Regent Hotel Kingsford  
  Sat 24th Bayview Hotel Woy Woy  
  Fri 30th Regent Hotel Kingsford  
  Sat 31st Sydney Cove Tavern Midnight Oil
Apr Sat 7th Metropole Tavern, Circular Quay  
  Sat 28th Royal Antler Narrabeen Flowers
May Fri 4th Civic Hotel Nauts
  Sat 12th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 18th Marconi Club Cold Chisel
  Fri 25th Royal Antler Narrabeen Cold Chisel
Royal Antler Narrabeen
Midnight Oil
Stage Door Tavern
Richard Clapton, Morpheus
  Fri 22nd Royal Antler Narrabeen Mi-Sex
  Sat 23rd Metropole Tavern, Circular Quay The Clones
  Fri 29th Royal Antler Narrabeen Nightshift
  Fri 29th Bondi Astra Hotel Rose Tattoo ??
  Sat 30th Stage Door Tavern Hello Sailor, Flowers
Jul Sat 7th Stage Door Tavern Gillian Eastoe & King Dog
  Fri 13th Fairfield Hotel  
  Sat 14th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 20th Metropole Tavern, Circular Quay Rod Stark and the Ravers
  Sat 28th Fairfield Hotel  
Aug Thu 2nd Royal Antler Narrabeen Angels
  Sat 4th Stage Door Tavern Radiators, Jimmy & the Boys, Midnight Oil
  Sat 11th Carringbah Inn Angels
  Sat 18th The Local Inn West Ryde Scandal (or Snake)
  Sat 25th Stage Door Tavern Cold Chisel, Hitmen
Sep Sat 1st Paddington Town Hall "Graffiti Crimes Ball" Mi-Sex, Hitmen
  Sat 1st Metropole Tavern, Circular Quay The Clones
  Sun 2nd Wollongong Leagues Angels
  Mon 3rd Sundowner Hotel Angels
  Wed 5th Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown Angels
  Thu 6th Fairfield Millers Hotel Angels
  Fri 7th Stage Door Tavern Angels, Mental as Anything
  Sat 15th Eastwood Hotel  
  Sat 22nd Newcastle Workers Angels
  Sat 29th Port Kembla Leagues Club  
Oct Mon 1st Teddy Bears Picnic Bexley North Hotel  
  Fri 5th Civic Hotel  
  Sat 6th Teddy Bears Picnic Bexley North Hotel  
  Fri 12th Railway Hotel Liverpool  
  Sat 13th Metropole Tavern  
  Sun 14th Astra Hotel  
  Fri 19th Stage Door Tavern Radiators, Matt Finish
  Mon 22nd Sundowner Hotel Ol '55, The Clones
  Sat 27th Bondi Astra  
Nov Fri 2nd Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel Hello Sailor
  Sat 3rd Metropole Tavern  
  Fri 9th Bayview Hotel Gladesville (or Woy Woy)  
  Sat 10th Railway Hotel Liverpool Lime Spiders
  Sat 17th Family Village Inn Outline
  Fri 23rd Local Inn Ryde Little Ashley & the Incurables
  Sat 24th Stage Door Tavern  
  Fri 30th Ambassador Nite Club Newcastle  
Dec Sat 1st Gig Unknown - Bus Trip  
  Mon 3rd Family Village Inn Rydalmere Jimmy and the Boys
  Sat 15th Stage Door Tavern Cold Chisel, Matt Finish
  Sun 23rd Stage Door Tavern Reels, XL Capris
  Mon 31st Sylvannia Hotel (early) Mi-Sex
  Mon 31st Local Inn Rydalmere (late) Bus Trip  
      Many missing gigs in 1979  
Jan Sat 5th Stagedoor Tavern Jimmy and the Boys, The Clones
  Tue 15th Family Inn Rydalmere Swanee, Bon Scott/Jimmy Barnes
  Sat 26th Fairfield Hotel Ward 13
Feb Fri 1st Stagedoor Tavern Jimmy and the Boys, The Clones
  Sat 2nd Bexley North Hotel Mental As Anything
  Fri 29th Bondi Lifesaver Cold Chisel
Mar Sat 1st Bexley North Hotel Class
  Fri 7th Fairfield Hotel The Score, Negatives, Scientists
  Sat 8th Manly Vale Hotel (early) Flowers
    8th Stagedoor Tavern (late)  
  Wed 12th Bondi Lifesaver  
  Fri 14th Collegians Football Club Wollongong  
  Sat 15th Manly Vale Hotel (Bus Trip) Matt Finish, The Scone (or The Score)
  Fri 21st Comb & Cutter Hotel Blacktown Scientists
  Sat 22nd Ambassador Nite Club Newcastle  
  Fri 28th Stagedoor Tavern  
  Sat 29th Caringbah Hotel  
  Sun 30th Wollongong Leagues  
Apr Thu 3rd War and Peace Parramatta  
  Sat 5th Royal Antler Hotel Narrabean (early) Rose Tattoo, Numbers
  Sat 5th Sylvannia Hotel (late)  
  Sun 6th Padstow Park Hotel  
  Sun 6th Bondi Lifesaver INXS
    8th Family Hotel Rydalmere  
    10th Sylvannia Hotel  
    11th Manly Vale Hotel (early)  
    11th Sydney University (late)  
  Sat 12th Stardust Hotel  
  Fri 18th Manley Vale Hotel INXS
      Selinas Coogee Bay - Swanee Benefit 12/04/80 Alan Dallow & Billy Rowe, two roadies for Swanee, were incinerated in a truck smash on the Hume Highway
  Sat 19th Family Hotel Rydalmere  
  Thu 24th Jolly Frog  
  Fri 25th Bondi Lifesaver Sports
  Sat 26th St Ignatius College  
  Sun 27th Wollongong Leagues  
May Thu 1st Coogee Bay Hotel Rose Tattoo, Ward 13
  Fri 2nd Comb & Cutter Hotel Speed Limit
  Sat 3rd Bexley North Hotel Jim Keays Band
  Sun 4th Brighton Hotel Radiators
  Mon 5th Sundowner Hotel Ward 13, The Clones
  Tue 6th Family Hotel Rydalmere Outline
  Wed 7th Wollongong Leagues Hands Off
  Thu 8th Carringbah Inn Radiators
  Fri 9th Fairfield Hotel Radiators
  Sun 11th Bondi Lifesaver Hands Off
  Sat 17th Mawson Hotel Newcastle  
  Sun 18th St George Leagues Club  
  Fri 23rd Family Inn Crisis
  Sat 24th Carringbah Inn  
  Sun 25th Civic Theatre Newcastle Gary Numan
  Mon 26th Mt Pleasant Sports  
  Fri 30th Bexley North Hotel  
  Sat 31st Bondi Lifesaver Kevin Borich, The Brix
Jun Fri 6th Manly Vale Hotel roadie Piv's (Steve Sartori) 18th Support acts Jimmy & the Boys, INXS
  Sat 7th Sylvannia Hotel  
  Fri 13th Comb and Cutter Hotel Blacktown  
  Sat 14th Bondi Lifesaver  
  Fri 20th Manly Vale Hotel Kevin Borich, INXS
  Fri 27th Hunters Humpy (Duke of Earl)  
  Sat 28th Dapto Leagues  
Jul Fri 4th Parramatta Leagues (early)  
  Fri 4th Bondi Lifesaver (late) Imports & Cyril B. Bunter
  Sat 5th Manly Vale Hotel (early)  
  Sat 5th Chequers (late) Radiators, Dee Minor, Hands Off
  Fri 11th Hunters Humpy (Duke of Earl) Ward 13
  Sat 12th Capitol Theatre (2 shows) Mi-Sex
  Sat 12th Rags (formerly Chequers Nightclub) Turnaround ??
  Fri 18th Duke of Earl The Reporters
  Sat 19th Pickled Parrot Gladesville Bus Trip
  Fri 25th Mittagong RSL  
  Sat 26th Bexley North Hotel  
Aug Sat 2nd Stardust Hotel  
  Fri 8th Manly Vale Hotel (early) or possibly Sylvannia Hotel
  Fri 8th Bondi Lifesaver (late)  
  Sat 9th Rock Village Kings Cross  
  Fri 15th Family Hotel Rydalmere  
  Sat 16th Selina's Coogee Bay Hotel (early)  
  Sat 16th University of NSW - Baxter Ball Pat Drummond, Mi-Sex
  Sun 17th Brighton Hotel  
  Thu 21st Lidcombe Dancers Club  
  Fri 22nd Bexley North Hotel  
  Sun 24th Penrith Leagues  
  Tue 26th Armadale Hotel (Vic)  
  Wed 27th Prospect Hill Hotel (Vic)  
  Thu 28th Bombay Rock (Vic)  
  Fri 29th Martini's (Vic)  
  Sat 30th Pier Hotel Frankston (Vic) - Afternoon  
  Sat 30th Kingston Rock (Vic) - Night  
Sep Thu 4th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 5th Manly Vale Hotel  
  Sat 6th Chequers  
  Thu 11th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 12th Strata Motor Inn (early)  
  Fri 12th Rock Village (late) Reporters
  Sat 13th Royal Antler Hotel Narrabean  
  Thu 18th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 19th Sylvannia Hotel  
  Sat 20th Highway Hotel Hands Off
  Thu 25th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 26th Fairfield Millers Hotel  
  Sat 27th Bexley North Hotel Voices
Oct Thu 2nd Civic Hotel  
  Fri 3rd Long Weekend Bus Trip to Melbourne  
  Sat 4th Long Weekend Bus Trip to Melbourne  
  Sun 5th Long Weekend Bus Trip to Melbourne  
  Thu 9th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 10th Royal Antler Hotel Narrabean (early)  
  Fri 10th Rock Village (late)  
  Sat 11th Bayview Tavern Gladesville  
  Thu 16th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 17th Carringbah Hotel  
  Sat 18th Enfield Boulevarde Hotel  
  Thu 23rd Civic Hotel  
  Fri 24th Family Village Inn Rydalmere Jimmy & the Boys
  Sat 25th Sylvannia Hotel (early) Brix
  Sat 25th Manly Vale Hotel (late) Jimmy & the Boys
  Thu 30th Civic Hotel  
  Fri 31st Comb & Cutter Hotel Dallimore
Nov Sat 1st Bondi Regis (early) Dugites
  Sat 1st Rock Village Kings Cross (late) Reporters, Hands Off
  Thu 6th Civic Hotel  
  Thu 13th Civic Hotel  
  Thu 20th Civic Hotel  
  Thu 27th Civic Hotel  
Dec Fri 5th Comb & Cutter Hotel  
  Fri 12th Royal Antler Hotel Narrabean  
  Mon 15th Randwick Town Hall  
  Sat 20th Vicar of Wakefield  
  Sat 20th Blacktown Ice Rink (afternoon)  
  Sat 20th Bexley North Hotel  
  Tue 23rd Sefton Hotel  
  Thu 25th Carringbah Hotel  
  Wed 31st Comb & Cutter Hotel (early) The Radiators
  Wed 31st Sylvannia Hotel (late)  
Jan Fri 2nd Parramatta Leagues  
  Sat 3rd Riverwood Hotel  
  Sun 4th Bondi Astra Hotel  
  Mon 19th Bexley North Hotel  
  Tue 20th Sefton Hotel The Reporters
  Wed 21st Maroubra Seals Club  
  Sun 25th Reservoir Hotel (Vic)  
  Mon 26th Macy's Hotel (Vic)  
  Tue 27th Prospect Hotel (Vic)  
  Wed 28th Armadale (Vic)  
  Thu 29th Waurn Ponds (Vic)  
  Fri 30th Bayswater (Vic)  
  Sat 31st Bombay Rock (Vic) Radiators, Church
Feb Mon 2nd Bexley North Hotel  
  Tue 3rd Family Hotel Rydalmere  
  Wed 4th Comb and Cutter Blacktown  
  Thu 5th Governor's Pleasure  
  Fri 6th Sylvannia Hotel  
  Sat 7th Manly Vale Hotel Twice Shy
  Fri 13th Family Hotel Rydalmere Hello Sailor
  Wed 18th Comb and Cutter Blacktown  
  Sat 28th Stage Door Tavern Damaged Goods
Mar     Two months off the road  
Apr     Two months off the road  
May Fri 1st Comb & Cutter Hotel Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, Affections
  Sat 2nd Sylvannia Hotel Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons
  Sun 3rd Sgt Peppers Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons
  Fri 22nd Comb & Cutter Hotel Cold Chisel
  Sat 23rd Manly Vale Hotel Cold Chisel
  Mon 25th Sundowner Hotel Cold Chisel
  Wed 27th Enfield Boulevard Hotel Radiators
  Thu 28th Jolly Frog Hotel Radiators
  Fri 29th Selina's Coogee Bay Hotel Radiators
  Sat 30th Vicar of Wakefield Radiators
Jun Thu 4th Kareela Golf Club Radiators
  Fri 5th Macquarie University Radiators
  Sat 6th Bayview Tavern Radiators
  Sun 7th Sgt Peppers Radiators
  Wed 10th Castle Hill RSL Radiators
  Sun 14th Harbord Diggers Radiators
  Mon 15th Sundowner Hotel Radiators
  Tue 16th Family Hotel Rydalmere Radiators
  Fri 19th Comb & Cutter Hotel Blacktown Heaven
  Sat 20th Sydney Cove Tavern Elks
  Sun 21st Avalon RSL Church
  Tue 23rd Doyalson RSL Australian Crawl
  Wed 24th Wollongong Leagues Australian Crawl
  Fri 26th Governors Pleasure Heaven
  Sat 27th Bexley North Sunnyboys
  Sun 28th Keller Bar Thredbo (Mon - Sun)  
Jul Sun 5th Keller Bar Thredbo (Mon - Sun)  
  Tue 7th Family Hotel Rydalmere Heaven
  Wed 8th Sgt Peppers Heaven
  Fri 10th Sylvania Hotel Heaven
  Sat 11th Sefton Hotel Heaven
  Sun 12th Bondi Astra Heaven
  Mon 13th Melbourne  
  Tue 14th Melbourne  
  Wed 15th Melbourne  
  Thu 16th Melbourne  
  Fri 17th Sandringham Hotel (Vic)  
  Sat 18th Melbourne  
  Sun 19th Melbourne  
  Mon 20th Melbourne  
August, September & October work in new members
Doyalson RSL
Mondo Rock
Comb & Cutter Hotel
Negatives, Peculiar Clerk
Sefton Hotel
Lime Spiders
War & Peace
Sylvania Hotel
The Radiators
Ingleburn RSL
Bayview Tavern
Parramatta Leagues
Marconi Club
The Angels
Stardust Hotel
  Sat 28th Caringbah Inn  
  Sun 29th Avalon RSL  
Dec Wed 2nd
Sandringham Commodore (Vic)
  Thu 3rd Chasers Prahran (Vic)  
  Fri 4th Bombay Rock Brunswick (Vic) Kevin Borich, Russell Morris
  Sat 5th Club Chevron Melbourne (Vic) Brian Cadd
  Sun 6th Prospect Hill Kew (Vic) Kevin Borich
  Wed 9th Enfield Boulevard QVs
  Fri 11th Fairfield Hotel Lime Spiders, Negatives
  Sat 12th Sydney Cove Tavern Dee Minor, Lie Detectors, Knobz
  Sun 13th Kent Studios Studio B  
  Mon 14th Demodisc Studios Studio A  
  Tue 15th Demodisc Studios Studio B  
  Wed 16th Wollongong Leagues Eric Burdon
  Fri 18th Comb & Cutter Hotel Silent Movies, Swanee
  Sat 19th Sylvannia Hotel Silent Movies, Swanee
  Mon 21st Sundowner Hotel QVs, The Radiators
  Tue 22nd Kent Studios Studio 2  
  Wed 23rd Kent Studios Studio 2  
  Thu 24th Manly Vale Hotel Fast Cars, The Radiators
  Sat 26th Family Inn Dee Minor & the Dischords
  Sun 27th Belmont 16' Sailing Club Negatives, The Radiators
  Thu 31st Sefton Hotel Negatives
Jan Fri
Bexley North Hotel
  Sat 2nd Vicar of Wakefield Prezence
  Sun 3rd Doyalson RSL NZpop
  Wed 6th Comb & Cutter Hotel The Angels
  Fri 8th Astra Hotel QVs
  Sat 9th Bayview Tavern The Honeymoon
  Tue 12th Family Inn QVs, The Radiators
  Fri 15th Florida Hotel Negatives
  Sat 16th Hume Hotel Peak Hour
  Sun 17th Mona Vale Hotel The Turnaround
  Thu 21st The Grange  
  Fri 22nd Cronulla Workers Rimshot, QVs
  Sat 23rd Bondi Regis Hotel NZpop
  Sun 24th Harbord Diggers Asio
  Thu 28th War & Peace Peculiar Clerk, Heaven
  Fri 29th Selinas Coogee Bay Heaven, Vixen
  Sat 30th San Miguel Inn  
  Sun 31st Brighton Hotel Australian Crawl
Feb Wed
Enfield Boulevard
  Fri 5th Grey Gums Hotel The Turnaround
  Sat 6th Sylvannia Hotel Flaming Hands, Naughty Rythms
  Sun 7th Avalon RSL A Portable Beach
  Thu 11th Corrimal Leagues  
  Fri 12th Comb & Cutter Hotel Flaming Hands, Spy vs Spy
  Sat 13th Sundowner Hotel Snake
  Tue 16th Demo Disc Studios  
  Wed 17th Demo Disc Studios  
  Thu 18th Illinois Hotel Peakhour
  Fri 19th Ryde Youth Centre Peakhour
  Sat 20th Caringbah Inn QVs, Heaven
  Tue 23rd Blue Gums Waitara QVs
  Wed 24th Mosman Hotel Creme de la Creme
  Thu 25th Demo Disc Studios  
  Fri 26th Florida Hotel Terrigal Naked Mask
  Sat 27th Parramatta Leagues The Names
Sydney Uni
The Dugites
  Wed 3rd Mosman Hotel  
  Thu 4th Castle Hill RSL The Angels
  Fri 5th Manley Vale Hotel Flaming Hands, Surf Movies
  Sat 6th Sefton Hotel The Turnaround
  Mon 8th Demo Disc Studios  
  Tue 9th Demo Disc Studios  
  Tue 9th Paddington Green Hotel Ginny Low & Co
  Wed 10th Mosman Hotel Celibate Rifles
  Thu 11th Kareela Golf Club Prophecy
  Fri 12th Bondi Astra The Motivators
  Sat 13th Doyalson RSL The Names
  Mon 15th Demo Disc Studios  
  Tue 16th Demo Disc Studios  
  Wed 17th Mosman Hotel Celibate Rifles
  Fri 19th Stardust Hotel  
  Sat 20th Enfield Boulevarde  
  Sun 21st St George Budapest Soccer Club INXS
  Wed 24th Mosman Hotel Celibate Rifles
  Thu 25th Jolly Frog Hotel  
  Fri 26th Springwood RSL  
  Sat 27th Family Inn Turnaround
  Sun 28th Canterbury Leagues Adverts
  Wed 31st Dapto Leagues  
Apr Fri 2nd Fairfield Hotel Short Circuit
  Sat 3rd Selinas Coogee Bay Motivators, The Hitmen
  Sun 4th Harbord Diggers  
  Thu 8th War & Peace Turnaround, Choir Boys
  Fri 9th Kingsgrove Entertainment Centre Turnaround
  Sat 10th Sydney Cove Tavern (9.30-10.30) Portable Beach, Silent Jets, Heaven
  Sat 10th Sylvania Hotel (12.00-1.15) Recognitions
      Rest of April unknown  
Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel
Orana Hotel
Kevin Borich
  Fri 7th Stardust Hotel Perfect Strangers
  Sat 8th Charles Hotel  
  Wed 12th Banksia Hotel Turnaround
  Thu 13th War & Peace Sweet Poison, Jimmy & the Boys
  Fri 14th Jolly Frog Silent Movies
  Sat 15th Sundowner Hotel Celibate Rifles
  Sun 16th Maroubra Seals Moving Pictures
  Rest of May PA, truck & crew hired out to Peter Noble for the Canned Heat Boogie Assault Tour
Jun All of June PA, truck & crew hired out to Peter Noble for the Canned Heat Boogie Assault Tour
Jul Thu 1st War & Peace Serious Young Insects, Ward 13
  Fri 2nd Carringbah Inn Local Product
  Sat 3rd Manzil Room Kings Cross  
  Thu 15th Bayview Tavern The Numbers
  Fri 16th Stardust Hotel The Orphans
  Sat 17th Parramatta Leagues Turnaround
  Wed 21st Enfield Boulevarde Little Heroes
  Thu 22nd Avalon Beach RSL Flaming Hands
  Fri 23rd Comb & Cutter Hotel Strange Desire, Flaming Hands
  Sat 24th Caringbah Inn Turnaround
  Fri 30th Sefton Hotel Alibi
  Sat 31st Vicar of Wakefield Sweet Poison
Aug Thu 5th Liverpool Golf Club  
Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel
Cocky Laura
  Wed 11th Mona Vale Hotel Dee Minor & the Dischords
  Thu 12th War & Peace Serious Young Insects
  Fri 13th Ambassador Night Club Union T
  Sat 14th Miranda Hotel Prophecy
  Wed 18th Enfield Boulevarde Hotel Flaming Hands
  Fri 20th Bondi Astra The Honeymoon
  Sat 21st Caringbah Inn Uncanny X-Men, Prezence
  Sat 21st Exit Club (late) Young Docteurs, The Spell
  Sat 28th Sundowner Hotel Boss
      Sep, Oct & rest of Nov unknown  
Nov Fri 5th Bayview Tavern Gladesville The Lawnmowers
  Sat 6th Sefton Hotel Cocky Laura
  Tue 9th Bondi Tram  
  Wed 10th Enfield Boulevard Hotel The Hitmen
Dec Sat 2nd Royal Antler Narrabeen  
  Sat 18th Family Inn, Rydalmere Kevin Borich
  Fri 24th Sefton Hotel Attitude
Jan Fri 21st Sefton Hotel Dee Minor & the Dischords
  Sat 22nd Governor's Pleasure Tavern Hard Case
  Thu 27th War and Peace Parramatta Dee Minorr & the Dischords,
Two Bob Watch
  Fri 28th Royal Antler Hotel Narrabeen Mr X
  Sat 29th Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel Attitude, Inside
Feb Sat 12th Campbelltown Golf Club  
  Fri 18th Sefton Hotel TBA
  Sat 19th Sydney Cove Tavern Just Die Young, Rupert B, Hitmen
  Fri 25th Stardust Hotel Cabramatta Peak Hour
  Sat 26th Enfield Boulevard Groove Yard
Mar Sat 12th Caringbah Inn The Rivals
  Fri 18th Governor's Pleasure Tavern JFK & the Cuban Crisis
  Fri 25th Sefton Hotel Full Circle
Apr Sat 2nd Scandals Campbelltown  
  Fri 8th Tourmaline Hotel  
  Fri 15th Blacktown RSL The Game
  Sat 16th Mona Vale Hotel Full Circle
  Fri 22nd Governor's Pleasure Tavern The Game
  Sat 23rd Sefton Hotel Birds of Pray
May Fri 13th Padstow Park Hotel Soft Explosions (ex Perth's Rockets)
  Sat 14th Enfield Boulevarde Hotel Soft Explosions (ex Perth's Rockets)
  Sat 21st Governors Pleasure Tavern Strange Desire
Jun Sat 4th Carmen's Miranda Hotel Broderick Smith's Big Combo
& Cocky Laura
  Sat 11th Comb & Cutter Hotel Biff O'Hara & the Highlights
  Fri 17th Riverstone RSL Club  
  Sat 25th Trade Union Club JFK & the Cuban Crisis + The Particles
Jul Sat 9th Mona Vale Hotel Radio On
  Fri 22nd Manly Vale Hotel Allniters
  Fri 22nd Blondies Just Lust
  Sat 23rd Dee Why Hotel Forever Fifteen
  Thu 28th Armidale University Shoot The DJ
Aug Sat 6th Sylvania Hotel The Rams
  Sat 13th Royal Antler Narrabeen Dee Minor & the Dischords
Sep Fri 9th Stardust Hotel Cabramatta Uppa Hand
  Fri 16th Governor's Pleasure The Rams
  Sat 17th Sylvania Hotel The Rams
Nov Fri 25th Leichardt Hotel  
      Rest of 1983 unknown  
Feb Fri 10th Stardust Hotel (Farewell Performance)  
      Rest of 1984 unknown  

JUL Fri 11th Revesby Workers Boys are Back in Town Tour
  Sat 12th Selinas Coogee Bay Boys are Back in Town Tour

Some Unknown Dates

Also Appearing
Late 1980 Bondi Lifesaver Ray Arnott's Rude Dudes
Mar/Apr 1980 Sylvania Hotel Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons
      Sylvania Hotel Bo Diddley
Mid 1983    
      Royal Hotel Narrabeen John Paul Young
      Royal Hotel Narrabeen Kevin Borich
      Manly Vale Hotel Allnighters
      Manly Vale Hotel Farriss Bros
      Stage Door Tavern Paul Kelly & the Dots
      Manly Vale Hotel Reels
      Blacktown RSL  
  Sat 10th Strawberry Hill  
      Hollywood Bowl  
      Central Coast Leagues Paul Kelly
  Wed   Mosman Hotel Celibate Rifles
      Governors Pleasure JFK & the Cuban Crisis
      Governors Pleasure Spy vs Spy
      Exit Club Kings Cross Young Doctors, The Spell
      Kuring-gai C.A.E D Minor and the Dischords
      Dapto Showground Angels, Beatnix
      Collegians Club Wollongong